TB-2 Start Bar

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Model TB-2 Start Bar

The Nolatron TB-2 machine start bar is a complete OSHA compliant ergonomic two hand starting system.  It increases productivity while operator fatigue and stress are decreased.  It includes a cast aluminum enclosure, guarded hand sensors and an anti-defeat (“anti-tie-down”) control with front panel indicator lights.   When properly installed, the TB-2 start bar meets OSHA requirements of section 1910.217(6) which covers two-hand controls.


Anti-tiedown – The TB-2 start bar requires an operator to have both hands on start switches in order to start machine operation. This minimizes the possibility of the operator starting the machine while his hand is in the work area.

Control Reliability – The TB-2 start bar is designed to meet the OSHA classification of “control reliability” as defined in Sec. 1910.217(b)(13).

Redundant Output Contacts – The TB-2 start bar uses double “positive guided” output relays. Each relay is checked for proper status prior to beginning a machine cycle.

Ergonomic – The angle of the hand sensors coincides with the natural movement of the hands and require no pressure to operate.

Safety – The hand sensors are guarded so as to allow actuation only from the side toward the machine operator.




Start bar with optical hand sensors


Start bar with optical hand sensors and E-Stop


Start bar with mechanical hand switches


Start bar with mechanical hand switches and E-Stop


Start bar with optical hand sensors and power cord


Start bar with digital counter and timer


The start bar’s internal anti-defeat safety control performs a test prior to each machine cycle.  This is done to ensure that the output relays and electronic circuits are functioning properly.  The “Ready” light on the front of the bar will then turn on indicating that the bar is ready to be started.  You must concurrently touch both hand sensors in order to start the machine cycle.  The “Output” light will then turn on, indicating that the load has energized.  If either start sensor is continuously energized (“tied down”), another machine cycle cannot be started.

Momentary Output – To begin a machine cycle, both hand sensors must be touched within a window of time.*   The load will then energize as long as the hand sensors are held or the optional Reset switch is momentarily opened.  The Reset switch must be closed in order for the bar to be ready for the next machine cycle.* This time is factory set at .5 seconds and is adjustable.

Maintained Output – An optional Hold switch can be wired into the start bar to provide a maintained output. When the Hold switch is closed, the load will stay energized even after the start switches are released. The Hold switch must not close until the machine passes the pinch-point, and it should remain closed for the rest of the machine cycle.If the optional Reset switch is opened at any point during the machine cycle, the outputs will de-energize and the control will reset. Both start switches must be released and the Reset switch must be closed before another machine cycle can be started.


Physical Dimensions

20″ x 3.75″ x 2.15″ (L x H x D)


6.5 lbs.

Mounting Holes

2 vertical, tapped 1/4 – 20
2 horizontal, 1/4 diameter

Power Requirements

115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 watt standby, 8 watts output energized

Output Load Rating

8 Amps @ 120 VAC (Switching)
6 Amps @ 120 VAC (Continuous)

Output Life

10 million cycles minimum (mechanical)
500,000 cycles (electrical @ 120VAC / 8 amps)

Switches must be activated within:

Adjustable from .2 to .7 seconds, factory set at .5 seconds

Terminal Strip

Accepts 14 – 22 gauge stranded wire

Start Switches

Model TB-2E, TB-2W
Electronic infrared photo sensors, approx. 80ms. response time.Model TB-2M
Mechanical switches with approx. 8oz. actuation force.

Temperature Range

20 – 140 degrees F


Made in U.S.A.


Nolatron TB-2 Application Notes