Load Suppressor

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The Nolatron Load Suppressor contains a metal-oxide varistor (MOV) that limits the level of transient voltage. It also contains an R/C snubber network that limits the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of the transient. This greatly reduces the damage that transients can cause to relay contacts and also reduces the influence they have on electronic equipment.

Max. Applied Voltage: 250 VAC
Max. Transient Energy: 30 joules @ 1000 uS.
Max. Surge Current: 4000 AMPS @ 20 uS.
Typ. Power Cosumption: 1.2 Watts @ rated voltage
Max. Temperature: Up to 48°C (120°F)

1. Trim the wire to desired length.
2. Strip the insulation of the leads and attach them to both
    power lines of the load. The suppressor will then be in
    parallel with the load.
3. Mount the module to machine using the two flanges.
    The module may also be mounted to a wiring harness by
    running a wire-tie through the flanges and then around a