Model 3380-T

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Model 3380-T Two-Hand Machine Control Anti-Tiedown Monitor

Nolatron’s anti-tiedown controls are used in conjunction with two start switches to help protect machinery operators. The 3380 series helps to comply with OSHA, which requires a machine operator to have both hands on the start switches in order to start a machine cycle. This minimizes the possibility of the operator starting the machine while one hand is in the work area.

Both start switches must be activated within a fixed time interval to energize the output. This prevents an operator from “tying down” one of the switches while continuing to operate the machine.

The 3380 uses redundant positive guided output contacts which are cross-checked before every machine cycle. A single component failure will cause the control to shut down in a safe mode.


Double force guided output relays – Each relay is checked for proper status prior to beginning a machine cycle.

Control reliable – Series 3380 is designed to meet the OSHA classification of “control reliability” as defined in section 1910.217(13).

Pin for pin compatibility – The 3380 series can be used to replace the 3370 series controls with no modification to wiring. Model 3380 replaces models 3370 and 3370-M. If the normally closed contact (pin number 4) on the 3370 is being used, model 3380-C should be ordered as the replacement.


Momentary Output – In order for a machine cycle to  begin, both start switches must be pressed within .5 sec. (this time is internally adjustable). As long as the start switches remain activated, the output will remain energized for a time of .5 seconds. The output time is internally adjustable with a range of .2 to 1 second. Both start switches must be released before another machine cycle can be started. If either start switch is “tied down”, the cycle can not be repeated.


Physical Dimensions

88 mm (3.5″) High, 60 mm (2.625″) Wide, 45 mm (1.75″) Deep

Operating Voltage

115 VAC, 50/60Hz. (12 and 24 V AC/DC also available)

Power Consumption

0.3 Watts (pin 3 energized) / 6 Watts (pin 2 energized)

Output Ratings 

8 Amps@115 VAC (switching), 6 Amps@115 VAC (continuous)

Output Time

0.2 – 1.0 second, factory set at 0.5 seconds

Wiring Connection Standard

8-pin octal base. Order #: RB08-PC (for flat mount) or OT08-PC (for DIN rail or flat mount)


Nolatron 3380-T Brochure

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