Potter & Brumfield CZ-430-2 base rewiring to Nolatron 3380-C

Posted by David Anderson on

The wiring of the CZ-430-2 control module from Potter & Brumfield can be converted to operate the Nolatron 3380-C control module.

Potter & Brumfield pin 1 (Hold Switch) = Nolatron pin 6. *** Note different connection for hold switch.

Potter & Brumfield pin 2 (115 VAC) = Not used for Nolatron 3380-C.

Potter & Brumfield pin 3 (Start Switch Normally Open) = Nolatron pin 2.

Potter & Brumfield pin 4 (Start Switch Normally Closed) = Nolatron pin 3.

Potter & Brumfield pin 5 (Normally Closed Output) = Nolatron pin 4.

Potter & Brumfield pin 6 (Normally Open Output) = Nolatron pin 5.

Potter & Brumfield pin 7 (Common) = Nolatron pin 7.

Potter & Brumfield pin 8 (Output Common) = Nolatron pin 8.


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